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Cougar Handling—What a Cougar Wants!

I have recently found myself single after a glorious 4 year run with a fine young man. I’m back to looking for my next relationship. Unlike some cougars that are just the same as a man needing to rack up as many points possible for “trophy conquests”, I truly enjoy and prefer to enjoy a young man for a while— not just an encounter.

I am having some experiences with young men that seem annoyingly consistent and I thought it would be great to clarify what a cougar wants! This might be a great benefit for a young cougar cub looking to connect with a chic, classy, sophisticated, COUGAR.

Now everyone has their own tastes in relationships but speaking for myself I can say that there are a few tips that would help a guy have more success with a respectable cougar. I’m going to expound on some cougar “ Do’s and Don’ts” for prospective cougar handlers. If you want to “Do” a cougar these just might help. If you implement these tips, you just might find a woman you want to hold onto for a while.

Don’t Play Games!

Older women have usually grown out of the need for little mind games that are common among younger women. We have careers, often have children, active social lives, roles in the community AND we want to have some serious fun! We don’t want to waste our time with little games. If fact, I have had several young cougar handlers tell me that one of the appealing things about dating older women is that they don’t have to deal with the games young women play!

Do: “Say what you mean and mean what you say”. If a woman sees that you can follow through and call when you say you will, or meet her when you say you will, it builds trust. With trust come perks that you will appreciate. 😉

Clubbing Etiquette:

While I am out dancing– and yes I hunt alone, I am often annoyed by men who think that just because they admire how I look and how I move that means they have a right to touch me– as a perfect stranger. Not so fast!

As an experienced older woman, I know who I do and do not want to touch me. I am a little more selective than the average clubber,–not snobby, just selective. So in general, I believe older women want to know you’re interested in them, but don’t always appreciate the public groping.

Do: Approach a hot cougar and ask for her name and if she wants to dance. She will let you know and if she does, and if she initiates the body contact you have a great indicator she is interested. Otherwise, she just might feel slimed if you are dry humping her without an invitation. (What used to be reserved for private encounters is now frequently seen on the dance floor. Remember, we are older women and might just want to “Get a room”.)

Don’t Assume That She’s Desperate—

I am annoyed by how often a hot, young buck assumes that a chic cougar cannot have her ”pick of the litter”. LOL No matter how ripped you are and how fun that is to look at, there needs to be some depth to the whole thing. Don’t imagine that you are doing her a favor by just paying attention. She might have more going on than you imagined. Just maybe, if you spend some quality time with her you are going to learn some things and have some experiences that you would never have the opportunity to enjoy without her. That is going to be very valuable to you.

Do: Treat her as if she has choices in her male companions and act as if it is a privilege and honor to be her choice for a companion for a while. Nothing is quite as sexy as being treated with value and respect! What’s good for her is good for you!

Phone Facts:

Let’s talk about texting and pictures for a minute. I once had a guy text me on and off for a few days then go for several weeks without communication– and then out of the blue he texted me a pic of his “manhood”! Bad form! I had never actually spoken to the guy. We met online and exchanged phone numbers. I thought he must be truly without class. If she asks for a pic, by all means send it, but DON’T send an unsolicited picture!

Now that being said, let’s talk about what an older woman might send to you. First consider that she probably has a good job or great career that she has worked very hard to advance in and the last thing she needs is sexy pics posted on the internet that could ruin her reputation and cause trouble for her at her job. She doesn’t need her business contacts or her business associates seeing it. She operates in a little different world than yours and has to think more carefully about the consequences of each action. If she has class, she is probably going to be more discreet—not evasive, just careful. She might have kids and that is something to consider. Think about how you might feel if one day you’re surfing the net and some punk has posted a compromising sexy pic of YOUR MOTHER!

Do: Value her privacy.  Privacy is highly valued by an older woman and the more successful she is the more this applies. Don’t ask her to send nudies to you before you have met. She doesn’t need to feel like a piece of meat behind glass. The private show is worth the wait! And if she does ever share sexy pics with you, be respectful and keep them private. (There are some interesting cases going on right now legally. There are some serious legal consequences of posting nude photos and videos of someone without their consent.)

Don’t Expect a Perfect Body

You may look like a Greek God, but chances are good that the hot cougar you want is not going to look like the young, firm, hotties you are used to doing. If she’s had children this is especially true. What a woman in her forties, and fifties has to offer you is EXPERIENCE!

This is the universal, most sought after benefit that I have heard from the young men I have been with. They value experience. A young woman has not had the chance to develop her self-confidence and intimacy skills the way an older woman can. Biologically a woman is much more responsive to your hot moves with age. She can let you know in unmistakable ways that you have “hit the target” and make you feel very appreciated. And believe me, you will be appreciated! I once heard a woman in her fifties say to me…

“At my age they say a good man is hard to find, I’ve found at my age a HARD MAN is good to find!”.

Do: Share your hot, firm, body with her while appreciating every bump, curve and stretch mark (the mark of motherhood) she has on her body. Make her feel like the sexiest woman alive and she will be more likely to perform like that for you! Tell her she’s sexy and beautiful because, again, the better she feels about herself the better she will make you feel. Now that is a win/win!

Cougar Insights:

“A Young Man doesn’t care as much about how your body looks, as he cares about how YOU feel about your body, and how you make HIM feel WITH your body!”–M. Alex


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